— The Goal Year 2022–

Friday, April 29, 2022

Patiently waiting for the day to align with today..

who else alive wanna fake toots..?

now that they all faked each other packages … and fed niccas in the city..

and followed me around like the lady in the turq..

Do your favorite artist a favor during your pay week.. and buy their album.. buy a few of them

everyday.. i value, the uniqueness of people as them realself

and then… < —-

i dislike when that money is in the bank and i feel like the bank..

Also, That would never have to be personal or butter… or my account.. cuz imma say ascap be runnin yal..

somebody said…lol.. if some say they play toots….. do him in the *as*, no cap..

and certain people couldnt be on time… because her verse about the worlds.. and they dont appreciate that artist..

so much


Neva have i ever treated your energy like a door.

they found the only guy that look the actor guy that work for the thieving local that look was a wolf.. to tell me about local tax refund… but for something else… it coulda jus been about travel.. but nope.. now movies … break the haylou

tthink were on the right evening now..

q. what did the toilet bowl say to the stuff behind the sphincter muscles?… a.get out get out…


uncle red flowers might be getting his career back.. but he aint my black car

and grateful for my grandma.. maiden name – police department..

none of us with those same initials, that i have, will pay that sugar…

and nawh i dont wanna go there this weekend.. cant give me gas money to go there.. or period ex card..

project dopeness = world wide..

That one got pretty girls direct deposits… Jus dont look at they lips..

— The Goal Year 2022–

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

(i miss my old gold cpcc account) energy

*pawse god moment real quick*

One thing about all these april born days… was..that they were honest … they were the born days that I actually appreciated because, for some reason, i could always make money this month…

and.. this month and next month jus put a baseball cap on some cake.. like i said before..

i appreciated your head surgery… for the mental powers you gave.. hope healing goes well

everytime i wanted the reverse letters of that one, my environment reminded me that was godded, and then some acted adverse… lol cuz i was gone say ..”fine bird in white” but things started reversing.. so i video blogged, and swiped.. gotta write new pages down in my one of my notebooks, no movie pun intended..

((Somebody wore gray, and typed about flights with no masks… ANd then .. people throat started hurting.. and then … and then.. and then… someone wanted to showcase that someone always gives that persons potential clients or customers to another in new york)) ok im done…

sometimes its like.. urinating excellence… or polar opposites.

sometimes that 4 letter word is final, it begins with a B and ends with a T…..good better and.. not quite their and I dont wanna do that anymore..

so there was once this car that I had that was gold.. i didnt have the car long.. i got the car the day somebody got married.. it was used.. so many interesting experiences with a gold car.. something is focusing on a bunch gold vehicles.. but i cant tell if the vehicle is important or not… anyways back to umpire..

“tales from the piggy” *in my crypt keeper voice* …….errie laugh at the end..

somethings behind the water… but infront of the sun.. lol

lol.. jus do me a favor and dont turn into tissue… i dont have enough hallmark to go back on..

May Detox.. . Lettuce be strong… it will be goal year.. 31 days of what?

i dont wanna swell no mo..

good.. now that pigs birthday over…

You will neva eva…be who I was b4!

— The Goal Year 2022–

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Heightened since of appreciate for those animals which kept me company as a look out all weekend.

Keep ya health covid free.. unless yal giving covid back to the people who had it already…

the neighborhood not too far away got a bunch of lawn advertisements in it

Real Quick, lets talk about landscaping companies… so he can feel like he was “it”

Meanwhile… I do miss an uncle Carl D.. thats what happen when i talked to somebody last …all them cd’s wanna act like…somebody said they was”it” and I was like what is it?

These days take care of yourself, be good yourself, and you will be ok…

Every song overexaggerated…. when some plays all the time.. Remember when we kept listening to “summer rain” and how it flooded that location.. Somebodys it is just like that

buy a seperate ipod…. write it off on taxes… and then play all you want.

and then looked at facebook.. and it was thats birthday…today

this how myself feeling. lol… listen to “infatueighties”… over and over

— The Goal Year 2022–

Monday, April 25, 2022

Im having a good day.. I appreciated this weekend of clarity…

some hurdles, but we made it through.. lol

seriously though…

keeping focused while being able to laugh at the stuff someone wanted to make funny….

“Eye can read your mind.. “

Grateful for all those deltas this past weekend.

Which one did you choose? “First in Flight” or “First in Freedom” (local thought)

“eye know why the caged bird sings…”

— The Goal Year 2022–

Sunday, April 24, 2022

good morning.

September…this conception season… *hunt for conception season*… I want born baby twin lol.

flash back from a time when i was designing apps..

but ” throw a muthafucka in so the ignant ni**as hear me”

ionno, some of all that is private.

any dude wishin, they ginufine… if they got a goatee beard and a line up.

iS it me or does the new dance, skip to the side slide.. Look like drum majors side steppin?

— The Goal Year 2022–

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Interesting day yesterday was… after i got rid that imaginary beer.. from my body…

I was refreshed today… with confirmation in a good way of some hidden truths…

and also, congrats to someone who is doing what I suggested someone to do with their brand like 5 years ago… with the same name but as female… but remember after I met that as male , yal started to talk about jail …

anyways focus.. and gratitude…

*Side smile, pre dentist polishing photo*

when must one gene share- (pro create) to have one of these many many april babies…?

— The Goal Year 2022–

Friday, April 22, 2022

didnt want to say much to day… the resonance and echoing of the spoken words whether wise or not..

do you know what its like to watch apart of ya self lose its relationship on IG, when its a where?

or.. when you gotta pee.. and everyone seems to know? so its like a marching band performance of horns honking…

could that jus be no die, dye?

but um… didnt have much planned.. jus rigourous workout session, in hopes sculpt my body the way that I want to ..

but cwa never update they union list. bloody union. should have the tear drop’s near eyes to be in that …

techno.. rave… or fashion?

— The Goal Year 2022–

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Smile, outro…

“I believe the children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way”

perpetual messages subliminally playing over in the background on songs whenever there is music with words…

yeah, i was ready for that email to drop.. from them..

Grateful for today…

Have you ever had one of those alignments, where yourself was like the entity, and everything the entity did was for the benefit of the goal achievement of yourself and others, with positivity, and remberance of those little things of yourself, memories, and experiences. ((something like that happened in the past))

the moments come and go though…

The most interesting moments… that someone else tries to ruin..

I need that lie thats in that system out. The worst thing ever is seeing the lie acted out thats a digital problem…(color energy)

Jus like somebody always want their baby savior… with a greek name, instead of his hebrew name.

but she was so fine…

My Visuals Be Like..

If, i was a bird, be fine daily.. and some human beings too.

I wonder what things be like when i get to meet genuine people…

Things be glichy sometimes because they focus on who we remind them of instead who we are..

i wanna focus on you one day… without them problems.

Look look.. its like when we all align… The animal, the actor, the muscian, the writer… somebody always wanna tell what the damn money the gas paid for.. and then i go an eat. bye.