October 26, 2023

Entering unchartered areas of my life and beyond.

Updating books of faces time line..soon

“Song lyrics….issues real.. U

Can you handle it?
Can I go there baby with you?
We gon’ set it off
We gon’ tear it up
Baby can u handle?
I can handle it
I can go there baby with you
Oh I hear you talkin’ babe
We gon’ set it out
We gon’ work it out
Baby can you handle?…”

October 22, 2023

a plethera of thoughts…

  • Doing runs 5K/10k can get addictive… Maybe put some more energy into that for November/December
  • Q went out with a digital bang, so many internal arguments and emotions.. So many of faux Q vocal characters were expressive. FB kept saying in he look like NBA commissioner but black
  • Jus like when Disney negotiations finished so did the people get treated like chocolates candies. It’s semi offensive when they say the person Hershey chocolates and wave it in the front of their faces and say its the sunshine.
  • Half head moon, and sunshine …. Not a cloud in sight….
  • A weekend of Alynn convos
  • Jus one small hurdle… Being smart takes care.. Preventative..
  • When u get the right cars together… We dream about rich sorority&fraternity or lavery with an s
  • I like how godded Kiyan college tour is… Fun experiences foreal
  • Stay in alignment
  • Be great
  • achieve great
  • Live happy
  • Be happy and healthy