August 30, 2023

Gotta. Focus…

Must progress… And thrive. Must pay my bills and support my own life. Balance or dismiss.

20Years a blurr

I like to think of all those vehicles with rd license plates, about serf, instead of company team hierarchy telling me who never shows in groups or to meetings

August 27, 2023

and yet we smile.

Mornings be like “towns people… Go to sleep”

I got like three certificates maturing…. So my apologies… If context is not as wise.

Cbd to calm.

Jus throw… Naked balls in the middle of work day… When you mix job with personal matters.. We don’t make sales sexually.

August 26, 2023

so… I’m doing that 4 inches of like new growth without twisting the roots and trying to slick my hair back in bun … It looks normal to me.. Shrugs…

I neeD relief.

A big chance..

No tattoo titty man..

Not jus godded sale.

Godded whole life change and an upfront settlement… I need several thousands of dollars…

They didn’t want to deliver hair coloring.

I dont want to spend the next few year$ talking about who looks like who…

Morris Jenkins aint got nothing to do with Michael Jordan or Jackson…

Spare Me a razzooo hurricane daiquiri

My big break or separation happen when kb passed… Male who looked like jaime was at the burger king was goofin off that big night of acknowlegement … And the next morning bus tales..

Movin to Phoenix was ruff and weird.. But for sure new… While locally we kept having tales from Dwayne and new vehicle and movies about stupid ass clowns… With gay Adrian is all they wanted to show…

saw new things there had different experiences there… So when we back in the city qc and its not same ole orange cat and big black dog stories… Environment wanna try to mirror the happiness experienced over there…

i don’t wanna spend another Decade with variations of they ventures nigga.

niggas so far from wasting God moment’s by throwing pork in peoples food to actually letting a nigga work again. wasting several years of life to go back in time and talk about how bad past people were sexually…

meanwhile othere teammates.. Have completely aligned with their areas and Street names…

I’m flashing back to drivin across country last year and every city along the way and told story of the same look alikes from work and life… And when people got off of work they look like the peOple showing up when it was time for me to get gas…..

I also need a massage.

Keep bothering my nerves for black girls cookout…

August 25, 2023

wanted to say congratulations on 33 yrs of being present in the living… But did not want to disturb … Last time I text my brothers… They kept showing riots… Asks me how yal communicate frequently when thats what happens on their networks

August 24, 2023

nope didnt want to say nothing… Keep talkin bout how many men got bald heads in the invest fest lineup.. Too much talk about what teams need…. He needed an explosion home.

Suffix frustration on fun car sports….. Context illiteracy…

The song tell what we need everyday… Oooooo it’s so good its so good…….

oooooooooOoooooo its so good its so good so good…

Then they keep talkin bout she naked

food llike sex make me wanna throw up….

Bowel movements… Unstoppable

Too much arousing the five oh, locally

uncle niece.

August 22, 2023

well i believe the investfest would be a good investment … If you got the money

Felt like Asvab Eagle…(No glasses)

be safe with ya homes and bodies.

Tetonic plates were ruffled.

my eyes so tightly closed for all the videos…

But also… So many promotional opportunities for products and services….

I dont use that one master card much but when I do… Why they asking for a picture of it and the statement… Like its gonna say I didnt swipe…

I gotta rainbow of colors of cards…

again who was here last weekend.

August 21, 2023

monday’$ beats no played… Policy Patrol SU’$… Lookin very blue… All i need is 200 of them in one month to pay all my bills current.. Power plays… Most of my females lyrics shoulda went like “Catch a come up, gotta keep it on the low”

loud…. For the honest…

But anyways relaxin and working out with steams… Sometimes I get to live my best moments in dreams..

Privacy of Sub conscious thought ….

I gotta think about alot of different things I gotta do to ssurvive. Some days I gotta do mindless work because they share too much in the city… Again… My whole team use to be in mind sharing visuals mentally… When we enter the realm of too much information