< < August 31 2021 > >

Lets…… First get them comfortable with being around each. Like lets find out if they like each other. Then… move on toward the making money together part. cause you need somebody to bounce ya ideas off of and then make them happen.

what type of miracles yal trying to do?

You know they done tried to give me a period for everybody birthday.

and thats why my video be silent.. i get tired of being out of context..

im glad everybody made videos today.

< < August 28 2021 > >

pay day be feeling like being in a real movie…

dodging bills and trying to restore credit be like being in boxing ring avoiding punches.

Attempting to make money  legitimately is often a battle when someone wants to talley for the amount

When someone doesnt understanding something… sometimes they dont look for clarity or specifics they speak broad and it does apply to the situation.

Maybe if we spent fast this point in time wouldve been over 2 years ago.

also.. reckless comment =- all these topless people with amazing breasts.

what grade was we in when we read “animal farm’?

guess everybody in texas at the battle of the bands.

Meme Post Response: “Ever text a friend and got no response back?’

My Response: “Ever text a friend and your whole environment changed?

well yal the ones with all the apps and pictures on yal phones.

When i text a certain person all the animals start going around lol.

Enjoy today

< < August 23 2021 > >

The music was more enjoyable when it was everybody from the family.

no lie.

After seeing all those babies i use to babysit have babies…

i think about child birth pain…


and doulas.

it was good seeing the ct people this weekend too.

world peace? no, ? or prometheus fetus headed men