— The Goal Year 2022–

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Heightened since of appreciate for those animals which kept me company as a look out all weekend.

Keep ya health covid free.. unless yal giving covid back to the people who had it already…

the neighborhood not too far away got a bunch of lawn advertisements in it

Real Quick, lets talk about landscaping companies… so he can feel like he was “it”

Meanwhile… I do miss an uncle Carl D.. thats what happen when i talked to somebody last …all them cd’s wanna act like…somebody said they was”it” and I was like what is it?

These days take care of yourself, be good yourself, and you will be ok…

Every song overexaggerated…. when some plays all the time.. Remember when we kept listening to “summer rain” and how it flooded that location.. Somebodys it is just like that

buy a seperate ipod…. write it off on taxes… and then play all you want.

and then looked at facebook.. and it was thats birthday…today

this how myself feeling. lol… listen to “infatueighties”… over and over

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