< < December 31 2021 > >

Really happy to say, presently, today is the last day of the calendar year. Although, I do not look in to the next calendar year as a hard entry to a something new but as something that happens everyday. Another day, new, with fresh opportunities, a fresh perspective..

With also, being aware….

< < December 30 2021 > >

When I hear my old coworkers I remember how loud our previous environments were…

My favorite movies that relate to my previous sales experience are: (( if you got time to watch ))

  • Jerry McGuire
  • Wolf of Wallstreet (without the drugs part)
  • What Men Want

Just A Fun post for today.. Money In feels better than money out

While i figure out why someone says im not a us citizen foreal.

< < December 28 2021 > >

Welcome to Tuesday December 28 2021…

Less than 4 days left of this calendar year…

  • Can someone tell why they cant keep they interview with my being because i got mail today?
  • Why cant people who look like other people be honest about their intentions?
  • Is it that they are stealing and its ok?
  • Is it that it sucks to be self employed when their are no tax benefits?
  • Why is it that when I make self employed money that everyone acts like the people that show on my Instagram feed?
  • How honest are yal … im just curious…if yal cant play the red bird A? honestly
  • Do me a favor and pay me a $100 whenever they have to showup looking like the advertisements on the mail, interviewers, companies, and zoom people…
  • Tell me the truth about me email accounts that corporations control, and yal follow what they say. What color am i suppose to have my outlook theme for everyone i am interviewing to not think they are me.
  • Ask him what new is…
  • Do you remember the visuals of the Portly man losing parts of his bodies, at we got we need for the elections?
  • Can they send me mail that has a validated dated postmark on it so they can show me why i havent gotten my mail all month? If it wasnt for the direct ships or mail that doesnt show the date … I could be under oath that yal using my mail the wrong way.
  • I dont understand what its like to have someone else they are me if my name is attach to my image on my license.
  • October 21 2021… whenever u want that special time..

< < December 25 2021 > >

A Good Morning, Welcome to the day when everybody where scary red and black squares and be scary. I guess I will just be dissatisifed about what happened digitally, that caused something else to happened physically. Then to be cover up by previous co-workErrs.. Imma hit yal with PreviousCats.. Listen to it… by Musiq. But i think yal did that again through those companies. I want them to leave my family alone dont tell me nothing bout coin wannabees anymore.

Ever had someone try to lie to your mind.. that shit I never want to happen again.. And then it get staged…

enjoy whatever yal love about this day that yal didnt want the black man to do, cuz its not his culture..

< < December 24 2021 > >

United States Holiday Eve… Eve

On one of those freezing morning walks the through the forestry, noticing all the loose items, articles in which the meticulous focuses on when its not someones secrets… It only takes so much to form a non – profit that adopts a road and comes to clean up that road once or twice a month. But hey.. who can form them organizations if its a problem to be united… ijs….

Wonderful Sunshine Day This Friday in the AM’s where Love is Full, and holiday Tradition is the air. Merry Families, spending and wrapping gifts on pair, Positivity potential heightened. Grinch stories keeping the Humbug in the day.

You wanna something funny? The perspective of scary story from this holiday… I got several, when some shops at the scary store. lol. But I wont share.


From now til the beginning of the next month is the opportunity to align goals for the calendar year. By taking action but if you need if you need to mental take a break from what 2021 has been look at the opportunity ahead to take of…

New Businesses, New Friendships, New Relationship, New Goals, New Achievements, New Money, Better Experience, New Chapters, New Coins, New Emails, Better Alignments, New Family Members, New Prospering, New Giving, A Heightened Sense of Being … Heightened Spiritual State… Heightened Mental State

Do you imagine what that looks like?

Have you written it down?


< < December 23 2021 > >

Hello. Great Day. Enjoy!

So this morning… Thoughts.. i Must have been around the landscaping guys way to much… Couldnt help to think that un manicured frosty grass, trees, and crab grass look so icky first thing in the morning.

So many stories about last night this morning.. Conversations… Reminds me of .. having my team inside …

I want to clean everything… thus why my last apartment was so clean. No rust stains.. no dust… . So glad to get that out.

short or tall, crates.. make me taller lol.

Thank you for you today.. Tall queens gods.. All of that..

Have you ever was about to give someone a compliment to someone and then that person did something mean to you lol.. the conversations .. “aww…”

But ok, for today.

< < December 22 2021 > >

Alright … All month been like… “and we pray, and we pray, and we pray, and we praay.. everyday, everyday everyday… ”

To be clear.. New Relationships, New Friendships, New Money… I AM ready.. Look at me

Grateful… i wasnt expecting a small surprise from a few years back but glad about it.. Waiting on someone to find that one 401k check from last yr… lol.

Yeah yeah sarcasm.. But its better than working for someone who keeps “uncovering” your past…(looks at verses)…

ProductBae… Ok, i shy away from the coffees and the cocoas from certain brands because.. what happened last year around this time.. Drank the product and then the people who were the product showed up and stole yal women.. cause of all the coffee mate.. lol.. dont ask me about last year.

Rejection emails be like… ” Although you have awesome skills, talents and results… We have decided to fund someone else’s career growth”

Feels like… ” Im sorry I couldnt be you enough for you…”

Being myself is a whole lot better than this past year… where everyone was wanting to hire my decease cousin for factory jobs..

And while we’re at it.. let me know.. like the rest of them that wait on her to post so yal can about her … like its me.