Morning Message…

Is it ok to type again…?
gotta stop taking photos in front of brick walls covered in orange.

Be Great.

So theres this story about when i was traveling through Colorado… and everyone had one of those… but the real one … we already know what that like..

Good Morning – from Carmen Hibbler

Have a positive day…

dont look me in the eyes.. you gone get pregnant and then we all gone be walking around throwing up.

they gone find you and make you a baby momma.

then they gone do you wrong and you gone be back in my face with a cute kid…

((inserts picture of a dog..))

kinda like a self fullfilling profecy if everyone here act this out.

and since you want them to know everything about me but not be me…

what else you wanna know.. so you can do it.

parasites – meanwhile.. where the fuck is my stuff. since im at this school and using this internet that tell everything ..

and im not food.

I bought some food with MJ B, and we givin away them MJ55y comps.. wasup?

And when they give me that one brother voice I dont like… Thats why he a woman.

Gotta catch the moments while they here …

Looks at instagram -… after all day of looking at males version of my momma. … yal pretty.

Hold Fast to Them Dreams…

I want my camera back but ok.. I dont know why I had to lose my nikon camera when my brother changed his profile picture for holding his camera. I got a bunch of vegas pictures from two years ago and a bunch of me in the clothes that disappear from apartment. All those New York & Co outfits from actors clothing companies.. Spent with money that had a LD B on it. ITALY Hoodie with the four stars brand… Printers- desktop computers from At&t from when transit trains and etc.. but its ok to lie, my web hosting provider lies and says im removes my image every other day, so what do i expect? I be like what main structure gotta blow up to talk about our greek~ or to tell the truth.. or to give away a bunch of laptops instead of giving me my mail. Same problem, same unhappy people. Its all good, I just keep adding emails to different categories.

When we align… Its kinda funny, and annoying at the same time when our agendas arent the same.

I be like, we keep counting them bodies family members passing, real people in emergency rooms… Its like the email account but with family people. But that be the only way I can get yal be honest.

I dont like when our worlds intertwine though..

I got this real story – Im writing full of real and factual situations, and whenever i spend at this one place it ruins everything in real life and time. I cant wait to use the bathroom.
I use to want to write stories based areas, streets and states, cause thats how i made money back in the day… And theres an area that if you ignore what the streets are, its a cool area.. but if you look at the streets its a drama field story about religions and power.

why the dudes dressed like scorpion from mortal kombat gotta show up??

What you want me to talk about, war, booties…


(Grammatical errors werrning!) I woke this morning.. thinking about the paradise area… and working in a sales environment. Although, my situation at that time was unstable, and arizona at night is cold I figured it out. Found a way to enjoy the experience. The experience which included a lot of a caffinated drinks, energy, and persistence. I found that my image was never what they wanted. MY LIFE working for them, i guess yal wanted to be somebody else… and so it was.. with this one caveat, i get told on if i dont have glasses on. .And they kept looking me in the eyes when they would drink stuff that do that stuff. And weekends, they would tell on us.. We was so magical… in that little world with all that food i use to take pictures of on the weekend. I used to laugh at all the conversations we would have when we were on the phone and off the phone. Movies of reference – weird science, IT, wolf of wall street. We had the market that it was ok to do, so large.. … Wonder why all those people know about certain people in repetition.

I always thought to myself, why do you do people you make money off wrong… that will never make sense to me. On any level.

And see, i wasnt saying turkey sausage was what i was thinking about when… I didnt deserve that paralyzing headache. Cuz probably went wrong posting that old 1940’s image. Dislike some of that old past stuff.

I dislike when I get variations of an imaginary abusive spouse… Its like i cant fight what i cant see… Im not mad at my brother.. cuz we each got our own world.. im dissatisfied with my thoughts being broadcasted when i think some stuff that would involve my continuance on this journey of life and then everybody else know what i want to do~ Or my feelings which are rather confusing lol. And this is why i dont like personal share. the mean time.


Hold fast to dreams 
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow. ~LH

I miss my personal belongings – Meticulous: The Marvelous

felt like dying.. trying things the civil route. since they wanted honest. The red cars crashing reminded me of the past… and didnt get me to any other truths of from my apartment complex. Ionno, all i know is.. where i am at is not where my personal belongings are.. And showing people and or listen to our thoughts doesnt seem to help me progress. I’m only on the book of faces so we dont keep grouping relationships.. because everyone is grouped and when people are group they think you are fine with substitutes… Yeah braggindg is cool but when you been on that mental level its blah..

How about everything in my apartment i miss u. I miss my camera … i dont know whats up with grid here.. but only parts of it is progressive. and im not talking car insurance.

time travel isnt all that its cracked up to be… because its not real time travel… its subsitutions.

Send me a facebook message.. last person i removed and added as a friend… we got layed off. I was in AZ…

Thats a story in itself…

But what i am most concerned about right now…is not the one who sounds like Krusty the clown and says “that part… E.. not everybody. … but me.. didnt cash that 401k earnings from that check.. but would like my stuff…

I dont recommend turning into MR/MS. METICULOUS, but i would tell you what its like.

  • Focus on the everything, the money, the letters on the money, the numbers on the money, what banks the money came from, what employer used that bank, who signed the check, the date the check was delivered from what time frame was the money made from, who birthday it was, who passed away on that day. If the money goes on a card if your card is being used by your employer. What email account the card is on.
  • Focus on what the money is spent on… clothes food other objects. with what what money… what brand of product you bought from what location etc.
  • On the job: Focus on the clothes people got, the food they eat, where they got the food from, what products they bring in..
  • Environment: the animals, color location, frequency, mating habits, earth ground weather, clouds, sun… earthquakes!!
  • Emails: who its from, which provider, who sent it, what pictures are in it. the email account itself…is the email tied to any devices… which device that is link to… what ip and mac address the device is tied to… the isp.. what they pay the service provider with, what email account the internet service provider is on..
  • APPS… lets not talk about this one i can go on and on about this.. cause i feel bad when corps use us and sync us together.

I said wanted to go to the military you started to focus on the anthonys and napoleons.. He a grill over there.. and they cook more food. but you were worried about my credit so you showed me credit repair cloud youtuber guy in repetition… –

ELECTRICITY : I like the song… but lets focus… Why is it that in the central los angeles location there arent outlets for use in the coffee shops? Meticulous – What electricity is in your city, what you pay for it what you pay with. What product you plug in the outlet, what products got electricity from who paid what. if its batteries in the product what type of batteries… Because they were concerned about needs…Someone was concerned about electricity #Ads portable charges – solar equipment –

Because i know what my electricity is from is this reason to act like my apartment is vacant and to get rid of my belongings… Cuz the more i spent on the electric the more pain i was in. But hey everytime i got an occurence working for mr/ms meticulous the more they gave lie mail – Everything.. it was okay to ruin my credit. but i took public transportation ..

SO you wanna know what i new? Angry.. and im not talking about tortilla chip brand guer.. nope not a guy.. something with ovaries

PHONE: Like the song…. Thumbing through my thoughts like images in your phone, while making me food.. dying.. and he Mad cuz its not the orgasm-ish

The more i spend the “notes” that are backed by us treasurary the more they act like its a joke or im lying.

Positive Progression

At this point in life, I have learned about myself that I have to have progression. I may experience hurdles, but progression… has become mandatory. I dont share much about myself and maybe this post is for me… Previous Vehicles of my life.

Brief moments or stages in my life… with a vehicle i guess.

I guess since someone was focused on the cars… We beat depression when they stole my little plant. My missing camera…. amnesia apartment complex. But we will remember correct?

Something Unexpected

So many emotions… So many variations of people who look like other people… As i attempt to rectify some situations that were wrong, in where i have been done wrong … Just being positive about it.Just dont take positivity as a weakness..

I have plenty of stories that i havent expressed… Wondering if this platform will allow me to express all that I want.

No Lies.. Please.. My money tell a story.

So… Once Upon A Time…

The title for these last few days..

Somebody sent me an email and almost caused me an injury. Decided I didnt want to be a broke superhero/mutant. I dont wanna be anybodies phone foreal. I hope the best and great things for my future friends family, me, myself and I.

A day at a time….

Thursday, June 10…

Grateful(greatfull) for life! Taking everyday, minute by minute, step by step in the direction of progress. Schmini Blog… Of these days..for me. 2 steps forward into the direction of yours/my, goal completion. The thought of a goal never accomplished due to things out your control is a downer I want to stay away from. For many years, positive-overly happy outer and inner being, is all I wanted to be express. Moving in a direction of a personal view inside – edgy, look at me, for me, therapy. Still private but here is me… unaltered.

PS. I always wanted to do a little mock extras casting call … My casting call would go like this…lol.

Ethnic Video – Different Planet – Futuristic- year 2300

We are looking for the following – people all hues, natural curly, kinky, coils, locks, freeforms, braids,Men and women, all ages. City and Bar scene… When Tron meets – Wakanda ….2 day shoot … best photos artistic futuristic clothing… email a recent photo, all clothing sizes and all contact info to: FUTURISTIC PEOPLE in email title

Short Movie – Untitled ( Food Fears)

20’s something year old woman battles anxiety by eating her most favorite foods. Feels comfort in the feelings she receives. Paralleled Story – Guy deals with fear of wearing sunglasses or his prescription spectacles due a small fear of being seen as food. Walk past group of women at restaurant and they all start buy caramel caffinated products with whipped cream on top. Both characters separate in the same city. Copping with their problems as strangers.

Urban City Environment.

Looking for a brunette woman 20’s year of age full figured

Looking for a african american male 20’s year of age, lighter complexion..slim

Send a 30 second monologue to Titled: Food Fears