— The Goal Year 2022–

Friday, April 29, 2022

Patiently waiting for the day to align with today..

who else alive wanna fake toots..?

now that they all faked each other packages … and fed niccas in the city..

and followed me around like the lady in the turq..

Do your favorite artist a favor during your pay week.. and buy their album.. buy a few of them

everyday.. i value, the uniqueness of people as them realself

and then… < —-

i dislike when that money is in the bank and i feel like the bank..

Also, That would never have to be personal or butter… or my account.. cuz imma say ascap be runnin yal..

somebody said…lol.. if some say they play toots….. do him in the *as*, no cap..

and certain people couldnt be on time… because her verse about the worlds.. and they dont appreciate that artist..

so much


Neva have i ever treated your energy like a door.

they found the only guy that look the actor guy that work for the thieving local that look was a wolf.. to tell me about local tax refund… but for something else… it coulda jus been about travel.. but nope.. now movies … break the haylou

tthink were on the right evening now..

q. what did the toilet bowl say to the stuff behind the sphincter muscles?… a.get out get out…


uncle red flowers might be getting his career back.. but he aint my black car

and grateful for my grandma.. maiden name – police department..

none of us with those same initials, that i have, will pay that sugar…

and nawh i dont wanna go there this weekend.. cant give me gas money to go there.. or period ex card..

project dopeness = world wide..

That one got pretty girls direct deposits… Jus dont look at they lips..

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