28, June 2024

June has been fun …

aligning, with all the people going on vacations, mentally..

June has been hot…

Its officially ok, only 2 eat once during the day, cuz it is too hot.. and drink jus liquids..

Back to the gym routine..

26, June 2024

Today was like verbal facebook talk..

as long as your face make stuff talk..

.but the other day..

The finest woman of indian/and other ethnicities, sat outside all the around the city..

it was like cuzin and mommys all over…

but any how….

I cant wait to have kids.. IUI

excuse me, excuse me sir.. we are not looking for savior husband types..

we were trying not to become bald males, about everything..

26, June 2024

You want a story?

On independence, there a couple of electronic billboards, the one closest to the Bux, .. be telling stories too much about whos on there.. Christian Johnson was in the area comedianing and they tried to turn everything into food about him.. Emails were about chocolate desserts.. and you know he already about food.. The police was like family and kept having everybody slow down by the poster billboard.. We doing something about Lee now.. he on there family lol..

25, June 2024

disposed… party type… defendant…

issue.. Camelback.. Difference.. made the feed show real camels show stretching with women in dubai..

So it was jus like the other day, i started paying attention to the toilet bowl brand… Yo.. like foreal .. they got “gerber” toilet bowl brands … things got different… with little kids..

nice little kids, offered their thumbs to suck…

good night.

24, June 2024

Im a lil hott locally, feel like getting the car a wash… jus to see if the sky wanna rain on the new wash…

Dreams were like quiet place.. then there were deers.. and then reals.. i think i love you with out modesty.. i wanna go and get me another italy hoodie, and go to egypt..

bank using u.. stared so hard with glasses on you that i figured you were exhausted…

you be important for 5 mins, then .. back to the ignore… i love your love..

im sun burnt out… like.. can i get a drippin in finesse drag moment rain…

i heat got heat burn.. like first episodes of the second season of “shes gotta have it”..