Is the coast Clear?

can we lookup whole life insurance without that happening? i wanna know how to borrow from bank of

doing some appreciation, post covid presidency.

THank you Dr Marie V McDemmond… I am appreciative of your poise, dedication, and hard work that you gave the university…

i am appreciative of health wealth… and i have learned so much about that past 7 years that I would never want to repeat…

take a moment to take of self, and self health..

Appreciate your air in your environment… that it doesnt turn into a real scary movie… (fresh air foreal)

and when someones nosey about tree root… tell em to mind they business.

uh.. we had the worst covid sh*t local…

my face.

.. when i saw the pretty little brunette italians girls with the help wanted signs on the street corners with the red and white covid shirts..

prior to conclave weekend..

i was like here.. everyone one of them little states yal can have..

everynight somebody want this..

its in the freezer

and… also.. how long does it take for those podcast to finish editing process.. our environment will turn into that foreal… when they really want that..

all sorts of pregnancy needs being filled…

A Poetry Corner

When Is That Golden Moment?

When the scale tells me I’ve not gained a pound
When my glasses or phone or keys have been found,
When the cop pulls me over but spares me the ticket
When my ice cream cone drips and I get to lick it,
When I read the obituaries and don’t know a soul,
When the car just ahead of me pays for my toll,
When my pants can fit without sucking my gut in
When I’m on the dance floor and a man asks to cut in,
When it’s time for a movie and I get to choose it,
When I cut out the coupon and remember to use it.
Everyone understands the worth
Of a big celebration: a marriage, a birth
But moments of joy, too many to mention
Brighten each day, when we just pay attention.

-this is not my poem