19, April 2024 2

I use to look forward to other peoples mail that got those monthly boxes from them women’s fragrance clubs, lingerie, even cbd box club.. I think its a good marketing idea.. To do a monthly assortment boxes that can put your loyal customers on a payment plan, that way you always know your businesses minimum revenues…Plus it gives you an opportunity to offer the value that allows your company to reach the next level… Monthly revenue minimums, passive returns.. Easier to calculate, auto-pay…. but never a problem if not auto pay..

Jus got the people off of digital conversations…

guess we not seeing that movie… it was like i took $40 outta the bank for gas, then took the movie out the theaters into real life.. and into non existence..

19, April 2024

real answers…

don’t say you family then…

you like fuckin us….

i aint talkin bout no damn automobile.

but anyways….

I figured i’ll eat quinoa and water in a few days.. and lemonade…

imma try out those king oyster mushroom bella mushroom burgers in a recipe soon..

getting a few more vegan dessert recipes under my belt.

using quinoa and water to make quinoa wraps..

18, April 2024

ooooo… gettin told on goddeddate app, or IG.. I like lookin at you look at me…

in real life so fine to look at look like… all the internal feelings feel like I like sucking on your lips…

we been having to tell on how feel about others in front of family…

jus dont put nlec in the bank..

Oooooo shes so fine and its not a niccas mind…

every time she in the bank .. go back to on top tanks with pole spin around sequence… Muthaland Me .. drip on. me.

it’s ya curls its ya curls it’s ya curls its ya curls

it’s ya curls its ya curls it’s ya curls its ya curls

17, April 2024

your voice always gone be fine… lol.. no matter what face it comes out of.. almost done… as long you ok with intermittent personality disassociation…

imagine looking your spouse in the eyes and then hearing someone else voice come out their mouths..

for fun….

Reading Rainbow!
Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high
Take a look, it’s in a book,
Reading Rainbow!
I can go anywhere
Friends to know, and ways to grow
A Reading Rainbow!

I can be anything
Take a look, it’s in a book
A Reading Rainbow
Reading Rainbow!

16, April 2024

at the moment…


6hrs a day… *Power Off Phone*

it’s a whole lotta peaceful daily…

I’ve been drinking some cheerwine, all the lyrics I’ve been writing have been explicit..

I like the shallow lyrics… “sex with me is so amazing”…. “licking ya body parts”

made it pass tax line…

hope nobody out here claiming they pets as spouses. talkin about they head of house hold with nicca pets… Ole flirty eyed animals..

14, April 2024

Moving right along…I wanna know how to keep my swipes to myself…

I wanna know how to keep my thoughts to myself.

I do wanna fast ..

you God letters on bills and get mad at me over product with letters…

and some days we can eat the whole city in food stores…

12, April 2024


letters to my growth..

letters to my success..

letters to my progress..

letters to my unborn prodigy.

letters to experian to free from credit misery

artist wanna diss lyrics for profit..

letters to blow jobs… sincerely niccas lips on a 🎤

I will be deducting all fines, citations, tickets on next year taxes as unneccesary transactions for unknown laws to vistors…. ticket violation 69suckdicknumbers … what’s the rectum face violation number that fake look like friends…

city aint paying for no damn sunshine with no damn citation… you paying with conjoined twins passing..