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I agree… Positivity right?

the next 2 weeks… i challenge you.. matter of fact.. the whole next month..

  • Eat healthy
  • Only post what you want for yourself
  • work out
  • Get goals accomplished
  • Get $$
  • stay hydrated..



I just dont need leeches… even if they need me… people who like the thought of you but fail to understand u. These musicians write all these songs… but whats the point of music of value, if they dont even understand. only want u because of ya blood.





Love Unlimited, What’s Ya Name?

Love’s Theme… I dont know why using the rest room at this one place all ways makes me sing Love’s Theme, with all the instruments. But Good Morning, afternoon and great day! I am still gonna be positive. I was a little upset about them kids complaining about that cartoon show in my dreams. I was a little upset because real people came where I am, and real people people birthday, and also upset at people’s license plates((if you only knew my thoughts about those license plates.)) I remember feeling just angry as angry guy this past summer. So as I attempt to do something new so we dont repeat a distorted variation of whats already happened. Lets Live since we alive.

Great Morning.

Great Morning world.

If i could describe some of the best parts of dreams… and having the proper diet to promote excellent brain stimuluation and awareness. I’d express the best part of the dreams is when you can connect to part’s of your past or learn in your dream. I know one of my old professors could express what its like to teach yourself in your sleep after you’ve study something while awake. I use to love when i got that mail. I would dream band class and having perfect pitch in my dreams. The one lady at the store, would take me back to middle school, and getting all that middle school learning in. Plus Yal kids was always outside, so i was learning what yal was teaching them throughout the day.

Fruits, veggies, water, minimum sugars..

Time.. if time is valuable and some want time back….what you would with your time if you everything went the way you plan/planned?

Donating blood, is it just like pee test?

They was about to show me Uncle over and over.. lol.

So i was thinking to myself.. What it was like to like scary movies genre person.. and that its left me with dreaming about resi evil movies at night.

I like cartoons because its better in the dreams

Mind Management… Sharing thoughts… We can share my positive thoughts as well.. since somehow my not so politically correct thoughts are broadcasted at random moments.

Another Day

if you mine, you aint gotta look like you live on little house on the prarie…#ijs

Meanwhile… I was driving and thinking… and getting lost on streets where it looks like someone was lazy with the names, and someone named several streets after people we know now.. Its almost like the citzens got real lazy with naming. I wonder what it takes to name a block/street?

And Now on to auditions…

Upcoming auditions… People who wanna shack up together and raise chickens, fish, horses, rottweilers together…

oh.. yal gone get enough of trying to give me $10bills.. #stressfulbills #getitawayfromfeelingsforealforeveryonesfacebookposts

Toilet paper guy bday was today and they started to show the lady who liked him as that tissue… smh along with some other scary life stuff, etc and 401k reminsce life cereal fear.. and that video game in real life.

Since we reminiscing…

I remember some good times about all of that… Before I started to cash out.. Dreams of each other at work before we got to work or after. Cancel season… I suppose being apart of u the only down fall is somebody else was who I was and nothing I did helped me.

RE-wind a little farther back i remember doing this gig in the mountains, an EM moment.. I had like 4 gigs in that area and I remember a magazine about legalization of Marijuana..I took a photo of it.. *they gave bad mail about it* I remember thunder clothes, and buying a card… I didnt pay attention at that time to the color of the card but i sent it to somebody. Later when they got they mail, i remember visiting and going to gym.. WHen we got to the gym there were all these people who hair was colored the color of the card. *fullmoon* i use to be like, dont you pay attention to this..? I wonder what my life would be like if i didnt find that color… Fast forward…

at least seem that dont me make me throw up.. i didnt mind throwing up though.. but thats what that does when u look at them…

SOmeone reminded me of what every pain in my body felt like .. what my food felt like digesting… going through my intestines… and out… *full moon*

Looking at somepeople during a full moon … *give me that heart attack feeling** to close to them old real moments… that get mixed with all them other moments.

and for so long we’ve been getting entrepreneur warehouse products/magazines for so long that they dont remember that alot of use them and we are forever linked 😀 lol

When i think of bigger brother being little.. i think about dyslexia, so im not talking about him. lol.


Bout to starting singing… patience lil brother, …lil sister…… Cause i be trying to figure out what todo when they start lying for other people other than who they really are.

Someone be mad at someone else’s persona and be mad at you.. why?

Jus let me know, what its like when someone mess’s with your pay …whenever you write down goals.

Good Morning,

presently…somewhere trying to apply the same greatness to my life….

if only that could meet itself and not me.

gotta find the cup with me in it lol.

Idont know, all i know is… i can read your mind…

and also, its about time to start trying if you wanna have a one us season..