30, May 2024

ate some Punjabi Choley, and a sweet potato on the go.. .yesterday

how miserable that must be… every text message i text you… sassycomplaints post ig directly to your mind.. #wackasfuck

what else is @#wackasfuck.. how they acting like the SIRIUS XM stations is family names(first letters).. theykeep buyin stuff off amazon and seeing what letter combination come in delivery.. thats mean as hell for people who keep wearing yellow.

i walked out the door, and the air played “africa”.. loud.. concert band setting..

Like walking around with ya own themed music..

anything else you got to complain about when im not TEXTING YOU?

SOmeone went shopping in opposites… Every complaint the people post or complain about is theyre own caveats, issues reflected back at themselves.

they got digital images mentally man in store.. Showing me 5 second reactions of people faces mentally..

im not complaining.. I know its a hard transition… where the… do the 99 cent stores are changing to dollar treez..

lol.. Dude running down the block SA looking like Cidade de deus panther.. in real life.. letting em out..

29, May 2024

rest and recovery day.. coming this weekend..

I like being born around this time of the year… One commonality about this season, its right before summer, and its like things turn into full time summer throttle. I like how bright and Sunny the personalities are normally.. summer dresses.. flowers flowering.. roses blooming…

theres this special somebody, looks like themselves, and works alot of different places and in different cities.. and everytime I see one of ’em look at me.. “like oh you again?”

too much bird eye food in the fridgerator at the doghouse..

its like knowing what each other think too much.. lol..

that was fun though…

Im fatigued … and hope you have amazing thoughts, that lead to appropriate actions…

last year round this time I went to international drive and also saw a few movies(Spider-Man and little merrmaid)… and rode the swings…

need affections. lol

being present… is appreciated.. you can be anywhere in the whole freakin world… but where are you… and that’s what normally matters most of the time. value of your presence

24, May 2024

guess.. i can go back to having my own secrets now….

give me that boring relationship back that dont sound like a stagecoach fight.. lol

OLD boring.. no one give a f*ck when we text each other..

Im glad you survived, rap… I almost gave up the whole genre … Give it up like I gave up meat several years ago. They alway got that break ya face out food.. and wonder why you dont eat it.. this nicca said he got that meat that make everybody sick..

I dont know.. This aint boxing, I know as a fighter… its only you and the opponent in the ring, along with ref. I dont wanna have a boxing type of relationship..

Sometimes.. I hate that the mind loyal to dollars bills, and notes.. You can be my easy lover, never lie undercover.. Never switch up for another.. never needed 2 playa MLM.. I’ll never need you to be one of them.. Late Night we type, maybe, we right… Left, lova, patiently waiting til the time past.. empty experiences… or full of memories.. No more earthquakes righ? leave it in the A and act like my life not my life bright?

Alright.. bout to practice the bass next week.. The horn vibes to loud.

miss you.. like i miss the oracle..

Drove to myrtle beach, and was told me in the street vehicle life, turn into a bunch of stories about va dollars… sip some champagne, neva tell em you at roscoes eating.. miss the life in you like turquoise.. went down to the city, and they started acting like the mans name.. all they did is tell on my Bills… like nigga act like everyone of my credit cards… a whole caucasian life.

Spray my name in overpass.. Need sky an overcast..

aight late night writes, right?

Late drives across the country, do i listen to skyline or the money.. having a conversation with me.. Do i sleep a sleep of everyproduct on a freight truck..?

do i dream, a smog city, past el paso.. do i silent hill …when your life real.?

I dont know.. all you gotta do is, share all that unimportant information.. and jus lose me as a friend. and meet me in ya dreams where you act like you dont. Playa Google Energy Ball… Im glad we not so sensitive anymore..

Good Night.. Sleep tight.. Talk to a roach if a nicca write..