— The Goal Year 2022–

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Smile, outro…

“I believe the children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way”

perpetual messages subliminally playing over in the background on songs whenever there is music with words…

yeah, i was ready for that email to drop.. from them..

Grateful for today…

Have you ever had one of those alignments, where yourself was like the entity, and everything the entity did was for the benefit of the goal achievement of yourself and others, with positivity, and remberance of those little things of yourself, memories, and experiences. ((something like that happened in the past))

the moments come and go though…

The most interesting moments… that someone else tries to ruin..

I need that lie thats in that system out. The worst thing ever is seeing the lie acted out thats a digital problem…(color energy)

Jus like somebody always want their baby savior… with a greek name, instead of his hebrew name.

but she was so fine…

My Visuals Be Like..

If, i was a bird, be fine daily.. and some human beings too.

I wonder what things be like when i get to meet genuine people…

Things be glichy sometimes because they focus on who we remind them of instead who we are..

i wanna focus on you one day… without them problems.

Look look.. its like when we all align… The animal, the actor, the muscian, the writer… somebody always wanna tell what the damn money the gas paid for.. and then i go an eat. bye.

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