— The Goal Year 2022–

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

(i miss my old gold cpcc account) energy

*pawse god moment real quick*

One thing about all these april born days… was..that they were honest … they were the born days that I actually appreciated because, for some reason, i could always make money this month…

and.. this month and next month jus put a baseball cap on some cake.. like i said before..

i appreciated your head surgery… for the mental powers you gave.. hope healing goes well

everytime i wanted the reverse letters of that one, my environment reminded me that was godded, and then some acted adverse… lol cuz i was gone say ..”fine bird in white” but things started reversing.. so i video blogged, and swiped.. gotta write new pages down in my one of my notebooks, no movie pun intended..

((Somebody wore gray, and typed about flights with no masks… ANd then .. people throat started hurting.. and then … and then.. and then… someone wanted to showcase that someone always gives that persons potential clients or customers to another in new york)) ok im done…

sometimes its like.. urinating excellence… or polar opposites.

sometimes that 4 letter word is final, it begins with a B and ends with a T…..good better and.. not quite their and I dont wanna do that anymore..

so there was once this car that I had that was gold.. i didnt have the car long.. i got the car the day somebody got married.. it was used.. so many interesting experiences with a gold car.. something is focusing on a bunch gold vehicles.. but i cant tell if the vehicle is important or not… anyways back to umpire..

“tales from the piggy” *in my crypt keeper voice* …….errie laugh at the end..

somethings behind the water… but infront of the sun.. lol

lol.. jus do me a favor and dont turn into tissue… i dont have enough hallmark to go back on..

May Detox.. . Lettuce be strong… it will be goal year.. 31 days of what?

i dont wanna swell no mo..

good.. now that pigs birthday over…

You will neva eva…be who I was b4!

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