31, March 2024

  • all my life.. Cars… MEns…
  • Cant act as a police officer… if i keep getting pulled over..
  • Im only gonna do voice overs..
  • kept selling everything with white on to make others money to find fault in you..
  • i might start growing cbd and selling it too..
  • not selling hustle is key tshirts anymore… Somebody key always wanna jail ontop..
  • stressed about Roaches… again.. yal conversations wanna roaches real… insert.. d day.
  • One day.. it will be ok to succeed again… a waste of a decade if you ask me..
  • we going on tour next year…

I hate being pulled over

what do you need… The Castrastion stuff to show on instagram?

digital images of penis, being cut open, being retracted and transformed into a vagina…

jus give that male a clitoris…

i guess its to hard to make enough money to pay for fictious ticket so…

we might jus finish up insurance..

when we get pulled over next time, jus show an insurance policy… and get the officer number..

i hadnt trusted much since… a wrinkle in time..

we dont even shape clouds like dragons no more..

i guess… imma always be in error for something.. I aint never been perfect… and if QL money make, reposessions happen, seizures happen, run in with law enforcement…

I got like 2 blocks away from all the fake driving actor cars and got tailed by police in lonely… i just wanted to be alone..

ITS ALREADY FUCKING ANNOYING KNOWING THE DUMBASS POLICE OFFICERs VOICE BECAUSE THEY WALKIE TALKIE TOO MUCH…you alooklike, sound alike… someone else anyway… both of yal like movie..

say bye bye..

if everything wrong…

I dont know, how im suppose to encourage the kids…..


Jus dont get caught…

as a parent..

dont be malicious…


Be kind…

Grandma.. Is forever PH money..

five Oh always talking off grannys photo when yal money new in the bank…

aint nobody…

aint nobody showcasing moorisms.. if we aint never safe.

30, March 2024

Black like, pussy and panthers.. Product diaspora..Digitally.. guess we gotta purchase guns now..

I suppose legacy doesnt matter.. or success doesnt matter if life is full of curses.

i cant even watch stupid ass tv much.. wish i penalized for white faces… that always replace black experiences with brown past.. Is we moving forward or jus doing that shit like a different nationality..

wish you didnt always need females period to help males out.


learned alot on vacay… walked across long bridges… smelt beautiful perfumes and lotions.. got to experience many minds… tasted amazing foods.. I like salt water from small islands on my hair…. cool ships… nice marinas. . diverse perspectives on many situations…

26, March 2023

Well.. im ok now.. after all the states started calling.. and not leaving messages.

if i could just be in alignment with that… Earning alot of money doing things i really know how to do to..

everybody wouldnt have to share thought..

the other day was fun… with espn college womens basketball..march madness.. lol

25, March 2024


its a work from home, remote, type of day…

Figure out how to makes from the internet… type of day..

Practicing on cooking small portioned meals if any, cbd… gummy type of day..

CBD smoothies… cbd chicklets…

Saying to tomoboost one more time, when Imaginary fake voice say they can only tell on him if you pay him….I would like to cancel before you charge me on $100 my card that i should be paying other bills, wackness.

Sit in your sex factory, type of day… in ya bra with no pannies on..

get told.. they need another bald… making more than you..

leave raleigh out charlotte shit… especially when they international cultural look alike.. cuz talk right to they pussyDick

funny nicca aint stupid, call him comical..

Everybody Todays freestyles on heighten..

Cant wait to practice shortly…

Meanwhile.. .. somebody somewhere.. eat too much hummus..

24, March 2024

Should I… Find my logins for instagrams from the past?

when they fall off instagram to look a likes in real life its.. really interesting to witness.

Ya know, i feel a whole lot better now.. Now that.. we not getting email specials in mind..

and that my old business, ex’s, moms, arent all getting to be the same person..

do know how frustrating it is.. for yal wanting to be the same person about one of my businesses..

but ok back to relax…

smiling faces and happiness.

each digital image… a whole lot of data… I think i relearned how to play Richard Strauss’ Concerto No. 1 by hart again…on dbl horn

and yes, i remember… aint it hart power there…

ive been trying to get tomoboost of my account… today was Teneka Bulls Bday… my dp, in Tau Beta Sigma NHBS.. niggaz sorority cant neva do shit… its always a nicca trying to become women.

Niggaz wish he was a rit…

cant even like blue & white with a touch of gold..

cuz we care too fucking much what we do…



liberty ship kept getting to close..

no offense

Marathon Runners told on rest and recovery.. from Lactic Acid(also city tell on body)

same lactic acid … that skaters had recovery from..

we got Duke ..energy

NeedHusbands… when we was on..line.. NeedHusbands to do it all.. couldnt come..

23, March 2024

lemme tell you.. i dont think you gone believe what happened those past few days..

then i started swiping… tornado card …and then …

yeah #goldstandard

there was so much brown colored on the feed..

that once G bday was over.. they changed the terminal gate to J… and couldnt look at facebook 24 hrs..