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United States Holiday Eve… Eve

On one of those freezing morning walks the through the forestry, noticing all the loose items, articles in which the meticulous focuses on when its not someones secrets… It only takes so much to form a non – profit that adopts a road and comes to clean up that road once or twice a month. But hey.. who can form them organizations if its a problem to be united… ijs….

Wonderful Sunshine Day This Friday in the AM’s where Love is Full, and holiday Tradition is the air. Merry Families, spending and wrapping gifts on pair, Positivity potential heightened. Grinch stories keeping the Humbug in the day.

You wanna something funny? The perspective of scary story from this holiday… I got several, when some shops at the scary store. lol. But I wont share.


From now til the beginning of the next month is the opportunity to align goals for the calendar year. By taking action but if you need if you need to mental take a break from what 2021 has been look at the opportunity ahead to take of…

New Businesses, New Friendships, New Relationship, New Goals, New Achievements, New Money, Better Experience, New Chapters, New Coins, New Emails, Better Alignments, New Family Members, New Prospering, New Giving, A Heightened Sense of Being … Heightened Spiritual State… Heightened Mental State

Do you imagine what that looks like?

Have you written it down?


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