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Welcome to Tuesday December 28 2021…

Less than 4 days left of this calendar year…

  • Can someone tell why they cant keep they interview with my being because i got mail today?
  • Why cant people who look like other people be honest about their intentions?
  • Is it that they are stealing and its ok?
  • Is it that it sucks to be self employed when their are no tax benefits?
  • Why is it that when I make self employed money that everyone acts like the people that show on my Instagram feed?
  • How honest are yal … im just curious…if yal cant play the red bird A? honestly
  • Do me a favor and pay me a $100 whenever they have to showup looking like the advertisements on the mail, interviewers, companies, and zoom people…
  • Tell me the truth about me email accounts that corporations control, and yal follow what they say. What color am i suppose to have my outlook theme for everyone i am interviewing to not think they are me.
  • Ask him what new is…
  • Do you remember the visuals of the Portly man losing parts of his bodies, at we got we need for the elections?
  • Can they send me mail that has a validated dated postmark on it so they can show me why i havent gotten my mail all month? If it wasnt for the direct ships or mail that doesnt show the date … I could be under oath that yal using my mail the wrong way.
  • I dont understand what its like to have someone else they are me if my name is attach to my image on my license.
  • October 21 2021… whenever u want that special time..

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