“Last Month of the Year Formally Known As December” 4, 2023

no stress…. imma jus go an acquire this piece of land..

locally jus like a day full of construction jackets… do somethings that don’t make sense..

wasting time … might as well spend money on something else. since my situation aint that important. do you want me to publicize the f*ckin issue.. and boring leeches get on my nerves.

…..We bout to experience the bee catcher… strananananananahan

city was still lying that they want me to make twc salary and they merged in 2015 … this argument about them eagle streets got on my nerves…

last side gig sold shit off credit report like food product and pain.

what is that keeps saying like be racist and wont give you a shot.

niggas like niggas broke . so they cant make big moves quickly… that’s the same shit we was talkin bout when hussle was alive.

no stress .. fuck my biological clock… I will go do something uncomfortable. and not have kids again…

give me a few more minutes… I will be caught up back with my thoughts

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