“Last Month of the Year Formally Known As December” 3, 2023

when hair ends start bringing back old stories….. snipp.. snipp.. snipp.. start happening.

walking through some environments happen like a montage of digital moments, music videos, movies, real time social media feed.

let’s ahh focus on IUI IVF treatment….

comedians be saving…

I cant tell which one is angrier, the one who works in produce or the one who’s grocery shopping

somebody always get turned into groceries…

walk down the aisle singin… ” have a baby by me.. baby, be a million pears”

can’t tell if we talkin bout music or sales…. produce and producers…

somebody always staring at something withglasses… glasses people always wanna look inside.. and then get mad at whats inside foreal

ni**as doing alot… 100 rotten tomatoes…. that must be the throw away pallet.

monumental ..ni**as is black about Gsus …in a movie…and it’s funny



sometimes that’s really whack how on Monday all sorts of people start thinking I’m talk ing bout they grocery stores…..

my business legitimate… imma hit yal for donations for my non profit events since you late Look like Noses

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