“Last Month of the Year Formally Known As December” 2, 2023

woo rough photo..

brings so much peace… by tapping unsubscribe..

when theres employment injustice there’s iamdrebrown internally talking with me

“woooooooOoooOOOoo it’s so good its so good”

summer on tour internals..

but seriously internal freestyle rhyme…

I got that projectile… slimey sneeze… shooting out those real things he needs..

remembering the career that they always forget when PayPal email be inshi* ….

citrus Elijay flashbacks, Superbowl eagle snausages she female winers…

I swiped my PayPal card and hear in air, sounds of podcasts from rap artists…

I remember documentaries I created.. that other forget was purposeful. I. remember backgrounds.. beamer. I dont wanna look back. . look like they need DUBYAH…OH OH Dee.

But focus….

much work to do.

It’s freakin December..

To get ya jump start into change. you gotta slingshot starting with December.

I wonder what’s that like….remembering the small initricaties that tell you how many ways that story has been played back to me to make money off the past. no. that’s exactly what i know.

I remember sauna conversations. Swipes… concert tours. d days. love like that. food like that. someone was an animal like that. he wish he was an heart attack like that… ni**as wish we was on movie set. ni**as wish we as AA female any age… make out scene.

use to love ni**as right eye… save ya eye feelin.. I think we sold pain for some aspire money last year..what it felt like was… force closing the eye foreal. and then telling what the eye saw for movie casting calls. they

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