— The Goal Year 2022–

Saturday, April 16, 2022


Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul Submissions for Miracles, Messages from Heaven, and Angels, submit date was April 15, 2022, I hoped all got their stories in to be selected.

I was thinking about the a certain two people the other day, that were born on the same day that are no longer here. Last name letters D and G.. Who were messengers for me while they were alive, learning, maturing, moments from last year…. Last year so much happen… So much that each day this year, appreciated 20x more.

So now.. lets get to this health, fitness, wealth stuff … cause, im not mad at my brothers…

Although, me and my older brother fought long time ago, for bringing some biscuits in my house during unleavened bread.. Do you know the little simple things like that people be tripping about when its your stuff..

I guess… If i can do well with little things, I can do well a lot of large things when i get to that.. so until…

stay focused.. and results driven..

look. im glad my swelling dont last to long…

all week someone wanted to let me know all the teams that that would be playing on espn..

myface 30 something hours ago.. im not prego tho lol.

Lol.. althought all the tragedy isnt funny.. it is the most interesting story recapped when you explain, what I dropped in las vegas when i moved from nc to az…

i wish i had the real people to talk too… that know what I was going through foreal.. them got some of the small details today.. but seriously..

ok .. back to real animal..

what if.. you disturbed all my animal friends when u dialed of my old business numbers.. with intent to just call and see if it manipulated something..

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