— The Goal Year 2022–

Sunday, April 17, 2022

meanwhile bald man nation and all them people from zona showed, and real birds…. which aint have nothing to do with someones 336 area code.. so like i said.. leave my other number alone.

I dont have much to say to day…

Somebody sound like cuzin this morning…

I gotta follow up on something that happened when I was coming Detroit, Last year from Unc’s Funeral…

Back when all my friends use to talk on vehicles foreal.. Apparently, somebody didnt like that when they talked to keep me company while driving up through va, wv… ohio in to michigan..

ON my way back.. Bald man look alike singled me out… and since.. then.. policy bald man.. still dat.

Period Ear money… Forwarding back in to the current time… I have regrets about the women that kept talking so negatively when my cousin was in the hospital, i wish they wouldve worked harder on him instead of letting him die so bloody..

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