I miss my personal belongings – Meticulous: The Marvelous

felt like dying.. trying things the civil route. since they wanted honest. The red cars crashing reminded me of the past… and didnt get me to any other truths of from my apartment complex. Ionno, all i know is.. where i am at is not where my personal belongings are.. And showing people and or listen to our thoughts doesnt seem to help me progress. I’m only on the book of faces so we dont keep grouping relationships.. because everyone is grouped and when people are group they think you are fine with substitutes… Yeah braggindg is cool but when you been on that mental level its blah..

How about everything in my apartment i miss u. I miss my camera … i dont know whats up with grid here.. but only parts of it is progressive. and im not talking car insurance.

time travel isnt all that its cracked up to be… because its not real time travel… its subsitutions.

Send me a facebook message.. last person i removed and added as a friend… we got layed off. I was in AZ…

Thats a story in itself…

But what i am most concerned about right now…is not the one who sounds like Krusty the clown and says “that part… E.. not everybody. … but me.. didnt cash that 401k earnings from that check.. but would like my stuff…

I dont recommend turning into MR/MS. METICULOUS, but i would tell you what its like.

  • Focus on the everything, the money, the letters on the money, the numbers on the money, what banks the money came from, what employer used that bank, who signed the check, the date the check was delivered from what time frame was the money made from, who birthday it was, who passed away on that day. If the money goes on a card if your card is being used by your employer. What email account the card is on.
  • Focus on what the money is spent on… clothes food other objects. with what what money… what brand of product you bought from what location etc.
  • On the job: Focus on the clothes people got, the food they eat, where they got the food from, what products they bring in..
  • Environment: the animals, color location, frequency, mating habits, earth ground weather, clouds, sun… earthquakes!!
  • Emails: who its from, which provider, who sent it, what pictures are in it. the email account itself…is the email tied to any devices… which device that is link to… what ip and mac address the device is tied to… the isp.. what they pay the service provider with, what email account the internet service provider is on..
  • APPS… lets not talk about this one i can go on and on about this.. cause i feel bad when corps use us and sync us together.

I said wanted to go to the military you started to focus on the anthonys and napoleons.. He a grill over there.. and they cook more food. but you were worried about my credit so you showed me credit repair cloud youtuber guy in repetition… –

ELECTRICITY : I like the song… but lets focus… Why is it that in the central los angeles location there arent outlets for use in the coffee shops? Meticulous – What electricity is in your city, what you pay for it what you pay with. What product you plug in the outlet, what products got electricity from who paid what. if its batteries in the product what type of batteries… Because they were concerned about needs…Someone was concerned about electricity #Ads portable charges – solar equipment –

Because i know what my electricity is from is this reason to act like my apartment is vacant and to get rid of my belongings… Cuz the more i spent on the electric the more pain i was in. But hey everytime i got an occurence working for mr/ms meticulous the more they gave lie mail – Everything.. it was okay to ruin my credit. but i took public transportation ..

SO you wanna know what i new? Angry.. and im not talking about tortilla chip brand guer.. nope not a guy.. something with ovaries

PHONE: Like the song…. Thumbing through my thoughts like images in your phone, while making me food.. dying.. and he Mad cuz its not the orgasm-ish

The more i spend the “notes” that are backed by us treasurary the more they act like its a joke or im lying.

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