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Thursday, June 10…

Grateful(greatfull) for life! Taking everyday, minute by minute, step by step in the direction of progress. Schmini Blog… Of these days..for me. 2 steps forward into the direction of yours/my, goal completion. The thought of a goal never accomplished due to things out your control is a downer I want to stay away from. For many years, positive-overly happy outer and inner being, is all I wanted to be express. Moving in a direction of a personal view inside – edgy, look at me, for me, therapy. Still private but here is me… unaltered.

PS. I always wanted to do a little mock extras casting call … My casting call would go like this…lol.

Ethnic Video – Different Planet – Futuristic- year 2300

We are looking for the following – people all hues, natural curly, kinky, coils, locks, freeforms, braids,Men and women, all ages. City and Bar scene… When Tron meets – Wakanda ….2 day shoot … best photos artistic futuristic clothing… email a recent photo, all clothing sizes and all contact info to: contact@sincerelycarmy.com FUTURISTIC PEOPLE in email title

Short Movie – Untitled ( Food Fears)

20’s something year old woman battles anxiety by eating her most favorite foods. Feels comfort in the feelings she receives. Paralleled Story – Guy deals with fear of wearing sunglasses or his prescription spectacles due a small fear of being seen as food. Walk past group of women at restaurant and they all start buy caramel caffinated products with whipped cream on top. Both characters separate in the same city. Copping with their problems as strangers.

Urban City Environment.

Looking for a brunette woman 20’s year of age full figured

Looking for a african american male 20’s year of age, lighter complexion..slim

Send a 30 second monologue to Contact@sincerelycarmy.com Titled: Food Fears

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