Good Morning – from Carmen Hibbler

Have a positive day…

dont look me in the eyes.. you gone get pregnant and then we all gone be walking around throwing up.

they gone find you and make you a baby momma.

then they gone do you wrong and you gone be back in my face with a cute kid…

((inserts picture of a dog..))

kinda like a self fullfilling profecy if everyone here act this out.

and since you want them to know everything about me but not be me…

what else you wanna know.. so you can do it.

parasites – meanwhile.. where the fuck is my stuff. since im at this school and using this internet that tell everything ..

and im not food.

I bought some food with MJ B, and we givin away them MJ55y comps.. wasup?

And when they give me that one brother voice I dont like… Thats why he a woman.

Gotta catch the moments while they here …

Looks at instagram -… after all day of looking at males version of my momma. … yal pretty.

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