2, June 2024

Giving myself a break from image from image a day or two.. My image is an experience… lol..
I will keep blogging though… I learned alot on this day.. I wish some relationships prosper, become fruitful, hope theres growth and clarity, progression, value driven… Hope the Celebrations Continue,

I like the view from high, different perspective, sometimes… You Know, I miss Ms Cicely sometimes too, its kinda hard to remember vegan value from everyone else, i remember the red black, … reminds me of that right now.. I am growing patient, in tolerance, of transformations.. that do not belong to me.

JUST imagine a life, where for whatever reason, you will never have to be arrested… and or, searched out in pursuit of because your appearance possibly doesnt meet the standards of said status quo.. of prosperity… lol.. I saw a offensive post and gave up the internet for a whole day as diet.. where its commendable the picturest family photo, pet human, looks harmless with its family of never been bothered by policies when in hardships, AA able to reach very high hopes and dreams of athletic career… Was frustrating to read that the concern was that of accolades for not being profiled. You must have perfect policy life. Great for muthafuckin you… You know about all the laws.. no matter how complex to make sure youre never breaking any of them huh?

Ok, that was my rant.. But to focus, happiness and celebrations, sunshine, rain, toplessness, painted on tops.. you know all of that.. or jus bornday Suiting it…

Land Ownership… Gets some, buy some, pay property tax, build on it, go there and escape, enjoy freedoms,

Enjoy your space of dwellings, hope you get the peace and safety and comfort where you go..

Hope you have internal peace, when digital feelings are real… intense they are…

Well this all for this day…enjoy

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