6, January 2024

Mental relaxation and meditation.

Q on new money… bald things alot a places.. I miss quinton too… lol

Dont really feel like posting a new photo again. Or atleast for a while. I dont know if its as valuable as previous if the exploitation is real the wrong way. Guess I gotta go turn the bike in the other direction. Whats to pet peeves… if people ask you your pet peeve just to do the something thats annoying in the future. Stuff things.

Also, im not gonna apologize for saying that the other day.. Its not meant to be offensive. Its a reality that happened awkardly privately… and intursive internally that was an environment issue..

But I am happy and grateful… Grateful and happy.

When trying to build with others… So many pressures that dont have most to do with communication and being of value…

Little things, like did I swipe too much, did i get cash that was about us, Did I urinate or bowel movement in the right facility while out working. Did I eat early enough or was eye suppose to fast to not talk too loudly too the area..

I gotta do this detox and fast, with a work out. Walking dont really work for me. I gotta work out and sweat… Sweaty Workouts.. Gaining age dont metabolizms just a little bit slower.

IF there was a way to control the things that I have no control over, I’d not have current hinderances … The algorythm, the equation… working to get in alignment.. with what I desire and what I would like to contribute while I have time.

The Areas to thrive into find balance in…



Mentally(intuitive- heightened cognitive alertness)-





But yeah the focus on those areas…

I guess single niggas stay single.. and couples keep hoe’n they spouses..

They’ll have a newborn and make you feel like crying so hard about your heart being broken for work… that u’ll never want to share the most intimate parts of you again…

James die over and over for local Chevrolet parks..

niggas wish he had kamiah foreal christmas

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