November 18, 2023

next secrets giveaway on the 24th… new photos of different wear

secrets of yelp

boudoir photography

I like this time of the year… everybody be so happy spending money

like 50% of my facebook friends list turned into product brands sold about things I need on online stores

someone a felt like riskin it all for a $100,000.00 grand a year role.

i’d risk getting covid a few times more to make $90,000yr office vibe

charlotte sometimes like come here we jus steal it all from you and give it to new strangers that wear gray…

Atlanta sometimes like don’t come here we gone take from you and not let you make it with us..

somebody sent they self back to lost boys lol

cohid feel like them rib cage jackets lol

I’m jus waiting on my birth to come back…

locally whenever you wear pink … you gotta wear a diamond squeal neckless spelling PORK..

he f*ck pork


she sux d*x of owl and then try to say it’s the light..

if only paying my bills made me more money instead of making others money off of how we pay.

bout to take some Echinacea and vitamin c

who is the face book friend that keep s making grown deer come and stare at me …

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