September 14, 2023

well…. I wouldnt want anyone else to experience that one… Give yellow title a break…

I guess I look forward to saw…or Hungers.

Imma jus take break on movies til next summer.. It was good talking to talk though…

Had a good week in the communications with everyone….

I jus wanna continue to progress…

Or recluse… I’m tired of going slow as fuck… To a lot of cash or credit relief.

5000 applications later.

You get a company that wanna merge ya life with the company.

Share ya spouse with five Oh.. Etc…

Still in recovery from making jigga go nil lyrics

I dont think ever wanna go back and be with people that made me feel like I didnt matter to myself jus so they could come up off my situations… Miserable part of amusing … You dont matter to the people you matter if they can get your attention. Its all good when making money …. But when niggas is broke.. Them imaginary niggas and trans be the only ones there. Slow money … I need that fast money without having to hit that stripper pole ..smh lol

Today i saw new money I hadn’t seen before in somebodies tip jar… QL on a 5 dollar bill…

Come at me with encouragement…u already don’t know what this life is like… I wanna be nice for … I gotta talk to these people in these houses next week and weekend..

For outlook to be special it still is hard for those committments to go through when put through the platform

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