December 8, 2022


Grateful too.

had make to sure she was on her way home…

yesterday all the creatures that were considered gross… ran out into the streets to solidify a win…

possums… rats… roaches…


Preciate that freedom love..

*inserts singer in person’s head*

lyrics –

^^She said “Sugar, Honey, Darlin’
I really wanna see ya too
It’s just that someone’s, over, and baby
I really wanna be with chu’

But if by chance you let me just hold ya
I’m calling I’m free, I wanna see ya baby
When in need you said you would be here
And you hold the key
To my very being baby and I
I love you, baby

If you are that special lover
And love keeps you tied to another
That’s the way it goes on love’s train^^

well.. the locs will grow back…

streets.. their are alot of evans a and he is a real person.. on i 20 and in va…

they do streets my previous co-workers and experiences in nc/sc

is there alot of streets about your name? nope.

streets be about everybody else in my life..but ok goodnight..

i hope yal enjoy and feel inspired… i ate too many onions..

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