December 7, 2022

Sorry for the delay, was busy deleting fake calls, feaux emails about casting calls that do not want me to come.. and waiting on peoples prime trucks to come by and expose new stories…

Hope you have an amazing day..

or whatever


They all drink Baking Soda, when they get purified water…


See the issue with there… Flag..

and gold star on the flag.

None of us like those two characters in that movie thats gonna come out…

tell me that we got two police offers that look them two to pull everybody over …

they still want people with locs in jail, like BG.

and we got things that like to talk about him being fat.. the entire time.

in other thoughts, i like being peoples phone when they leave their phones around while their dressing…

when in mind store, i hope they get your mind and do well with it.. try to stay away from so much sugar..

Aint nothing wrong with being hired to make a lot of money.. And using that money to build your dreams… always seem to see those single view people who can not multi-task or diversify.. Ya dreams, at night, different from designing your life to have the things you desire in it…

Them dreams can be real.. like viewing all the things from the phones… or from peoples or animals eyes..

i like the dreams when im inside you too.

but i rather be awake getting money..

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