November 30, 2022

Alright back to calm inside..

Have a wonderful day.

Alright… Gma Bday remberance day.. that the aunties was puttin on for the last ten days…

I remember alot about both of my grandmas… But especially granny B, Fine and foxy, classy, sweet, always make sure wash ya hands, grandma lol… Grandma got me into all the scary movies as a kid in 80’s and all those scary books from king.. She could cook almost any thing.. Chilli and spaghetti’s were my favorite.. Once i ate so much of her homade cheesecake in one night, that i stop eating cheesecake for years… We had a bunch of funny moments… lol, and she tried to fix my posture and give me some etiqute.. Grandma said.. when i sat in a recliner all slouched… “Jus image what you like nekked sitting like that…” I close my legs quickly… grandma was funny… the coolest i remember, was i heard my grandma bragging about me to her neighbors at the her older house. She was excited that i was going to college out of state… She knew the college and everything…. which shocking to me because she had like 35 grandkids.. lol. so for her to know all the details of what i was doing cool. Make My Grandma Proud moments… ya know? Grandma was G, we had our private moments from the hood ,those private moments from the projects to tell..

I like to say my grandma paid for that long career with eye and ear… since her passing came when i earned the opportunity..

and yes i appreciate her.. just a little rememberance that doesnt cause sweet voices from grannies all over country.

gonna update late on the first… im not really ready…

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