5, Sept. 2022

and it rained…

rained like no other September 5, of 2022


. spent change on baked potatoes…about 200 facebook friends added new facebook photos…

can they stand on your sperm to inseminate themselves? … minding business….

cars crash… tow trucks pick up quickly… Sunshine emerges..

back to your regularly schedule holiday

one of one.. ..

imagine.. in the midst of god moment… or closing $200k deal.. message comes inbox…someone says their in membership intake program for whatever.. and then all things redirect focus to someone who needs assist with their situation.. all my adult peers slightly annoyed..

send clouds that message way… A wanna let you know, i gave up alphabet when they pay body… bank

cant wait til that payment finishes processing ..

did everybody pay their overly priced rent for the month yet? (charlotte jus as bad as La)

puddles and lips. lol

now that i got that text message out…

i hope yal saw the movie.,,

other than the rain and the pain, and those people that i did not want to see, trying to eat where i was eating… not to bad for today.. do they bother you like that?

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