5, July 2022

you might be right,,, looks like everybody except for me.. go bother them,,, and not me

i be ok looking in the mirror.. with self..

but what is that like..

To be that perferct pretty unimportant person that they ideally want all the story on..

what they suggest… lose yo image for pretty girl… be like a vampire..

its ok.. until.. u really need to establish your own presence.. It always wasnt the best when represent for your previous experience…

but then reflecting.. back… when have we reflected.. .

ok im done for today..

i enjoyed the rain..

Have you ever seen madtv? the Lowered Expectations segments… Intro music “Low-ered Expectations…” Opening of a portly couple walking across the sands.. and almost falling on gated fence..

… im not trama filled.. i was just noticing some obvious’ moments that occurred pre storm…

they make me miserable when somebody fine fine..or super pretty.. police come out of now where.. all be happening..

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