Appreciate the Lil Moments

retro – Mannequin movie 1987 look

you gotta appreciate those good moments when their happening.. Meet new people, in different spaces…

I hope to meet you, when you dont have that perplexed look on your face..

i wont be going.. but i think its funny.. hoochie day festival..


what u want?

sometimes them 4 squares of msoft be like puzzle pieces..

In Other Thoughts…

gas prices..

money becomes worth spending to get away…

still feel like being naked… annoyed with branding…

eating less all week.. jus because..

i would strongly encourage baby wipes, or wipes some sort for your rectums and parts for a cleaner waste exiter, since, those derriere’s wanna be in front of my face..

whats a nice way to say … put a stick in that ..

the displays keep showing someone in love with popcorn…

enjoy yal rain.

but u would never have known, that i hadnt looked at his fb profile til 1 month later…

lol. but this what yal do to me.. im not mad, i jus be like, where am i..

So What If… I took on Boudoir Photography

Ok,… so being half nekked got me invites for clothing company launches lol…

What if I took Boudoir photography as a niche… If you enjoy the art of bare nessecities…

Classy, portraits..

Im excited to learn about DaHomey Amazons.. jus not really ready for the pain…

If you ever hear me say I Hate Yall really loud.. its because they wanted to cause pain in my reproductive organs jus to say somebody should be a man…

its a whatever with fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix… labias, vagina… D breast cups..


8, July 2022

well i wasnt gonna say nothing.. cause environment sensitive..

But rest in peace Aunt Marleennne R…

im not the company that focuses on those letters tho..

whoever sounds like her.. sounds so sweet..

control like that want… dont look at jxedits …to long.. oh a nicca vaughn gone.

i guess enjoy big drip..

be safe tho


6, July 2022….

39 years… 21 days…

Back to Genesis.. and more…

and do you happen to have a playlist for all my forwarded mail?

family born days be like … 4, 5, 6 big debbie, lil debbie, mid size debbie


5, July 2022

you might be right,,, looks like everybody except for me.. go bother them,,, and not me

i be ok looking in the mirror.. with self..

but what is that like..

To be that perferct pretty unimportant person that they ideally want all the story on..

what they suggest… lose yo image for pretty girl… be like a vampire..

its ok.. until.. u really need to establish your own presence.. It always wasnt the best when represent for your previous experience…

but then reflecting.. back… when have we reflected.. .

ok im done for today..

i enjoyed the rain..

Have you ever seen madtv? the Lowered Expectations segments… Intro music “Low-ered Expectations…” Opening of a portly couple walking across the sands.. and almost falling on gated fence..

… im not trama filled.. i was just noticing some obvious’ moments that occurred pre storm…

they make me miserable when somebody fine fine..or super pretty.. police come out of now where.. all be happening..