—Goal Year 2022–

21, June 2022

chapstick.. moisturizing the situation.. <—-guess this was shameless plug

aint no nda’s on that..

But anyways.. Keep Enjoying..

After Ethopian Josiah… I really have bigger stuff to worry about..

I guess I hustle for my last name…

My Family aint raise no coward…


– coward – a person who lacks the courage to do or endure unpleasant things..

– unpleasant – causing discomfort, unhappiness, or revulsion; disagreeable.

but i support black businesses…

What other friend yal wanna be, got a business I can buy from…

What other bill can I pay… That make other people “wish they were”

I once was a solo.. im not afraid of being alone.

I aint afraid to let someone know, i like them too.

What other actor can get a star on Hollywood… that i like..

honestly i left liberty shit alone long time ago, because niggaz move on.. and cicely aint here no more.

and all my last name really tell you is Al Hibbler..

That’s all i really got… and he got done wrong by his friends… and he was blind.. he could not see..and his masters was burnt up and unrecoverable…

after the real people can communicate with me, i not afraid to speak out about the wannabee…

And also..

I binged watch insecure this past weekend, i needed something light to watch, somebody always fear , afraid, scary movie, quantum leap kkk episode..

And I dont watch much tv, because i be teaching my self…mental stuff.

Teach a nigga Perfect Pitch with multiple instruments… so know how deep it get.. where I can tell u what the note is whenever i hear any tone..

years ago.. somebody changed my ancestry.com bloodline lines to reflect a male that others would play..but he aint me…

after enduring .. the people on a rock era..

Maturation – happens..

I aint cause delta airline cancellations..

I know a pretty flower…

and i actually listen…

We st

do you like when someone in an disagreement and all the voices talk for justice.. ?

it aint my pay week

aint spotting for animal..enjoy the sun shit.. birthday over..

He a Hebrew.. and not a coffee.. lol

but seriously..

First Name Carmen Last Name Not Google…

Paypal a cashapp… Got Photos with Frugal McDugal..

Little Youngins from a neighborhood, paid those moments for somebody elses divine..

Hiding cloud 9, Got Stories about gold squares and gray squares, still wanting … wait

but im jus being honest… i dont like when those people bother me after work …

who ever wanna be or wanna hear somebody else, i hope the better of all for you…

Someone had issue when Jelani B invited me to like his business with all those french horns and lions..

Somebody has an issue with Elon Musk when anybody get paypal’d

Go Brand Kept telling on a fonte ….

But honestly I am happy that… My peers moved up from background .. into speaking roles.

Honestly, I am glad, Simple bank dont exist anymore..

I think i like AngryArrows lol

I like the Vogue shows, and competitions…

I hate that slack has that issue with gobrands..

and also this time around.. I wish my cousin wasnt thought about like cream cheese and coffee.

But its Tuesday, and Illinois… so whatever..

And I didnt get the Blaze Mastercard, but they substituted it with the fire in california at the same time.

i guess i cant list to 21 savage either.. A Lot.. lol

I once read, in the character vs reputation chapter, i kept the book, but there has been so much shit that has occurred, adverse since that was written, that I met alot of males in my community showed how influential in positive way some males are.. that have to endure those type of situations…

When I have Kids i have to teach them common sense, so they can survive,


You whats scary?


The marvelous meticulous made me memorize the placement of every little thing,… and then complained about what everything was.. Not to be confused, with one of those producers with credits on her show lol

i hope u live and live happy..

drama free…

…inserts youtube.. video with kid after going to the dentist… after anesthetize

“what is life” “is this real life”

(the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.)

I have enjoyed this moment of celebration…

im patient…

Sprint still holding on to old secrets of Infinity and Beyond.. lol

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