—Goal Year 2022–

20, June 2022


me with family..

SO a few years ago I learned about Juneteenth… . I think it was 2017 when i visited the area of texas..galveston …did understand what specifically happened. Newly Freed Texans.. centurys ago

Also –

President Joe Biden signed a bill last year that officially recognizes Juneteenth as a federal holiday.

Meaning, no usps mail today .. lol

  • I’ve come to the thought that I have plan to rebuild, or build relationships… Like set aside an hour a day to connect and give value communications to people in my life.. Social media has made this portion life so easy to see what others are doing without ever really speaking to them face to face..
  • Although I do miss those digital relationships… where we could digitally connect and hear each other in our environment.. the simplicity of those relationship are meaningful, but not all conditions allow for those to exist at all moments.
  • This past weekend I enjoyed being away for a moment. Definitely allowed me to relax, and escape digital conflicts…
  • Also, those family alignment moments are funny… voices…
  • In life it seems special to appreciate people and make them feel good, by appreciating their existence, and remembering that they find special, .. (remembering is a whole lot, so much weight to that) paying attention to the small assets, perks, qualities, good traits..
  • Its been a long 30’s adventure… for me.. as of lately – tapping into those special things… and placing those understandings into a special jar and putting them on the bookshelf and category of knowledge so that every is valued down to the very last second.
  • life style re arrange ment… I do remember about a year ago and a half, listening, to the skyline talk about the breakfast hours as a person Egg all over the city i was in.. and email. Or a jus listening to the skyline in the suns… rising moment.. and witness, a special feeling for my entire neighborhood. lol
  • i figure, by the cold months… something good comes this way…

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