—Goal Year 2022–

14 June 2022

Great Long Expressive Nights..


Early Mornings…



I will never be the one to throw someone underder the bus for a come up…

I didnt think speaking about corporate baddie would be a big deal..

But i did have an issue with the repeated pain of an office situation..

have ever experienced the imaginary Ike Turner.. seriously.. like u come in and beat up for certain things others due..

When Pasha died, kept making me feel like brain cancer everyday when doing my work//

The police was outside today… Impreceptive… i will never.. i guess u wannna catch a nigga on weak policy.

im glad sunshine left…

Yal really want Billy, yal should call him up.

Final written for a situation u cant confirm …

I once sat in an chair that had somebody odor in and somebody, got mad because he was talking off the other person body situation…

i guess imma always be in trouble for perceived misconduct.. when i speak on my blog, with i think

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