—Goal Year 2022–

13 June 2022

its hard as fuck.. being African/american female.. and speaking to your best friend in air at work..

when ever.. i hear… at work… “its been brought to my attention” immediately … understand.. that somebody being trying to lie, and be snitch… only the snitches.. think rap shit..

i aint the one who yal wanted corporate baddie this morning cuz he was off work..

Meanwhile.. Myself…

Focused like … Those inspiring human beings in those physical sporting events like track, tennis, and other physically enduring events..

although im not complaining.. i dont know what other physical feeling be happening anybody else.. but i dont deserve to be in pain because of where I am currently placed..

Should I always have to have force Bleed.. to satisfy someone elses bitch needs?

they be swearin them email accounts a whole being.. and somebody always wanna turn into grade school and talk about publishing entreprenuer’s email account..

some of them hater voices only tell on niggaz spending..

Now if i was going to complain.. I would complain about how hungry everyone get for “avenue C” … and all validility of CRM goes does the drain..

But i guess. when SAas is the name of the niche, platforms and technology do what yal want..

ok.. that was alot…

whole lot of people in red…

whole lot of born day…

whole lot of full moon…

Whole lotta SD…

ok… more of a caution.. i always stayed from posting objects on IG in place of self..

NOw.. if i was a comedian.. I would laugh at how many movies that have people look like this in them

i figure tomorrow, they wont be as nice as them covering us up.

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