—Goal Year 2022–

June 2 2022

in venturing in towards happiness

.. i keep running into that environment that wants to fake my car cut off whenever it get around anybody they wish they a control.. and this one is new from arizona.. but they wanna play it something here north carolina…

you would think they’d they Be happy that their male wanna say he me..

i be patient, cause he rewinded .. the audio in air from may/june last year.. and i listened, to what it was like to take the bus with all the all people who look like the people worked with in arizona,, after we packaged everything up to go all get laid off.. from worlds favorite company… right when during that time when somebody tied their charity boxing fight..

They Turq’s funeral where theres another with glasses event… as if..

…. nobody wants to do the V is for vendetta face smilies as a nightmare..

…. I dont even wanna vacation after all those go on trips be causing tragedies..

i might jus miss a wedding that was reenacted as a story for several months..

i dont wanna use the d*ck to find where in my car, my membership card is…

2 dollar bus ride to meet fine me in all black for a drug test…

while walking back… finding 1 gram of goodies on the street for the headaches given..

but hey its all “shared experiences”.. when they want somebody else you..

All those fine Uncle Look alikes is what got us in this problem today..

the best part about a best story is that.. you’ll never hear anyone talk about who was “euror” or “aryian”

going to be patient, and wait til tomorrow, maybe… tomorrow we’ll forget, that something R always says something roach.. since its always telling on something somebody else dont wanna remember… earf out…

Back to Ast sky….

Let me know which your credit report others keep trying live in your environment as a come up…while bothering your situation.

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