—Goal Year 2022–

May 26 2022


bruh… this is as real as them monthly checkins…

i m not the webhost provider….

this aint instagram…

trust your instinct.. when someone says you pay out a dye..

my environment has been saying its recreating the credit for i dont know how long..

watch who show, when your mind on rewind.

somebody got mad at me cuz the bank always pay facebook…

meanwhile… google… keep playing thanos, and having me reset my passwords to see who affected…

since.. being honest about how sincere people feel about each is a crime..

just enjoy the weekend.. and appreciate the simple things in life…

cause i wasnt spending… and i was jus watching other people do what they do and act like other people

but then i bought some groceries 16 dollars in groceries….. and somebody got dyslexia… and using letters in reverse… (and not real brother either) whats them letters in reverse.

and on a business note… i that is the exact reason why in never chose those life insurance compnaies as a side hustle … fear of the unknown , increase sales

i wanna say she was the meetup group girl with glasses… in email world..

but everybody else understood. a soror

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