— The Goal Year 2022–

Wednesday, March 16 2022…

And now that we are all aligned!

Rolling In the Carolinas WEEKEND!!!



nah, i dont remember some of them memories anymore….im in alternate universe.. this universe… seems to show various of my coworkers everywhere I am spending money…

***and guess whats worse.. when that variation bald male from them emails start doing start doing crazy stuff around the city..*** and if they keep on aligning.. i dont think we gone like each other. ….

<<… Calm…. at the desk.. try not to think thoughts that everybody can hear… (try not to be so smart so that everyone can hear it)>> Its bad enough the whole city be trying to act out the money everyone get out the damn atm.

do you know what its like .. that everytime i post a photo… somebody gets mad at someone who looks like me, at the time.

I hate yal license plates.. end thought… i hate traffic congestion jus so the gas in other peoples car can tell on the license plates…of the car infront of them.

I also… love alot.. …but mostly alone.

vegan food for the soul…

look… that church got so much blue, they be talkin all that stuff on their services cuz its broadcasting online… you dont know it,… till it happen while someone broadcasting the funeral… its the same with the noise…can somebody remind me, how many movies /tv shows…about slaves made was made before 2020.. but i wonder if covid changed how people felt about everyone trying relive slavery… but hey, the same males always told me the tv was electronic income reducer…

it was them same slave movies that made everyone cream cheeses that were all my actor friends… and co workers.. while covid went into full blume…

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