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reign or rain?

Standing behind a person on a zoom call in a coffee shop is liked too a being a male in a bathroom full of urinals and and stranger comes and uses urinal right next them.

A dominant chord is a major triad built on the fifth scale degree of either a major scale or a minor scale. … For instance, in the key of G major, the dominant chord (or V chord) would be a D, which is a major chord built on the fifth scale degree of G. A simple D major triad contains the notes D, F♯, and A

Do you know what is dissatisfying to see? Someone aligned with someone who does not respect themselves.

Not a bad, today was, with the clouds.

I got nothing but jokes about his head on this new movie cover, cuz they keep giving his money..

“tootsie roll pop, crunch on 3”

“Take a bite out of cryme”

and we wont talk about Venom1 and all that rain.

And also, i stop complaining about the overweight when i knew some of them was my family… All i know is, if i was around, we would all go to the gym together.

Enjoy Clear skyy and meteor showers..

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