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i just have to post something positive

1.  Knowledge and development of your physical powers in the quest for good health and bodily perfection.

2.  Recognition and development of your intellectual potential.

3.  Appreciation for and the maintenance of the highest moral standards.

4.  Achievement of and the personification within you of lofty spiritual ideals.

5.  Cultivation and maintenance of your emotional poise under all conditions.

1.  Physical and mental qualities of an attractive nature.

2.  Demonstrated loyalty and dependability to those persons and institutions deserving of it.

3.  A truthfulness and honesty which instills a sense of trust in others.

4.  A cheerfulness at all times and under all circumstances, even in the face of great trial.

5.  A mutual interest in the Art of Music, in its performance, and in the aesthetic qualities it can project to others.

6.  Generosity of mind, heart, and hand.

7.  Tolerance, tempered with kindness and a consideration for the needs of others.

8.  Fortitude and courage to see an ideal, to seize upon it, and follow it wherever it may lead you in …..

So, Its homecoming week… 20years later lol this photo ideal for the moment.

that nythc… hash tag.. does nothing but make me have to take pee tests.. lol

BUT seriously… this has been a serious week. I hope everybody(errorboby) else has fun.

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