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Live In Greatness…

Make great things happen and continually progress!


>>> why lol.

ok. so ive decided… no dairy no eggs way of plant based eating starting.. october.. this will be interesting..

*** side thought

when you take photos with alot of different people and listen to the noise it makes without getting tagged to them

when u in foreal.. when someone takes a photo and you start getting mail about what you next to.

>>Got a degree in IT.. and go.. promo marketing emails.

>> standing next to breast.. and go.. .emails about cows and milk.. and breastfeeding

<<<< when u stand behind the posterior.. they start talking about – backups.

when that eye is right.. we be feeling some type of way.

CrateChallenge = selfhazing..

Dating a supermodel , and being a superhero is like knowing you both got superpowers and weakness is food for them like yours might be kryptonite.

Comparative Ninja is liken to Paddington Bear

And im the one telling the children its ok to have a vivid dream at night. The parents think you high or possesed when you have a good dream.

If i had it my way, I’d make the people who didnt give me clothes back have visual images of all my obesse friends who need to work out , naked running through they dreams…everynight til they gave my stuff back.

Superpowers.. dream sequences on repeat.

Ok. I think i can write now.. pre writing anxiety has left.

“gurl i kno u tired because ur voice been running through my mind all night!!”

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