< < August 18 2021> >

hadnt really looked at ig in since like saturday.. no wonder everybody wanna eat everything red.

that real cryer that happened sunday.

i was listening to them talk all week.

waiting on this stuff to travel back across the country with out any problems.

if you got time to waste…. waste it with me?

Funeral friday.

Look up the movie 300 and find Xerxes… thats all they want me to see.

Imagine, all your previous co workers talking to your current coworkers…. THats what its like when they send me mail across… someone didnt like my license plate last month.. and i dont know why that took 25 days to get to me.

cuz i got military muse…seem like we always at war when its a roy.

enjoy the sunshine associated with the various complexions balding art of xerxes joggers.. lol.

imma get that real stephanie mommy to help me… not the cologne, not the pig, the L

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