9, Quintile 2024

email type of day…

leave it to chime to make it visually a in the neighborhood interactive day by the gym..

im thinking about buy a few books again and listening to audiobooks again.. a feeling a little void there/// and i got a few books in mind… to make me have an altered approach on a few things..

i dont get to do much variation.. ya know.. its like temporarily having to relinquish all the things that make you super/special/value to be in certain environments that dont accent all things that you have working for yourself..

yeah.. i was thinkin about unhibernating that one linkedin account.. lol. the one where they do the lightning in the sky everynight… and i had a change mind on that.. so many memories of , i jus wasnt really able to do what i want with that lightning boundary shit. we all jus dogs to that group… i’d really hate for everyday to turn into.. “stand fo yo bitch days”

but typing less means.. means being eaten less about til i get some more money to pay some more bills..

back back to the gym gym tomorrow..

things i cant do nothing about so i jus know about… becuz i still gotta pay bills..

when im in georgia… my facebook like god in the real time digital..

but im still behind on a few bills..

certain days they all in tune with the letters on dollar bills..

but im still behind on a few bills..

i gave up a few relationships.. because they only texted me after i updated my blog.. to stop it from talking to the area..

but im still behind on a few bills…

certain niccas been rich all these years… and wanna take the little things that make us special… and we let them…

but im still behind on a few bills..

i will not be at poetry night… this wednesday… ill be at the gym… but…

im still behind on a few bills….

WynnBerlee.. Done messed up and got a hurricane named after her.. Beryl..

Me and reif was hoping..that the hurricane was going to be weak.. but hope all stay safe down there and is it comes up the mid.. hope the rain is fun..

5, Quintile 2024

so.. baby… you deserve that rain..

and Kennisimmons.. the rain felt like it was held back in the past and needed to be reminded of its love

I dont think i should ride on that block anymore..


all the people in family that untagged me from every from every photo on facebook on 4th july… cuz they remind themselves of new co-workers..

i really though that everyone would jus mind their businesses til after those first of the month bills got paid.. that they wouldnt be so maticulous about personal shit. that didnt belong to themselves.

they said eat dominoes when you get paid… since you so hungry and thirst from C stuff…on pay day.

my step brother named quinn but this not about him.. but tru…

one time… i was on set for something i did in another email.. account.. that Loso.. also has.. told me things about him(step brother) when i was on set.. and shit started breaking and they sent us all home from set early.. that was pass tho.. back when we had… Barak Chef love..

but since we all in tune..

we all like reciprocal love..

I cant wait til she lands in Alaska!!! omg.. patiently waiting.

removal of certain things unleashed recitings of preambless and purposes foreal

memories revealed.