February 18, 2024

I think we are ready to type again.

FEB-ru-aruy (dreambabies i love you)

Digitally…was busy in our lives foreal…

May all be safe in and comings goings…. Stay focused.. Accountability..

Until we figure out why everythings gotta know about everybody elses movements …

Most of arguments be about my cousin.. lol

I did one ripple effect argument and for several days there was unlimited overweight males showing everywhere…

unlimited… Cool and Hip headed your way.


we all made some changes…

Taking a trip through real life feel like the movies… and every AM need C

been getting enough vitamins and minerals… C, Matcha Green tea, Tumeric, beet powder, cacao,

Green juicin… Gapples, celery, cucumbers, lemon juice, cilantro, ginger

alotta vitamin S…

I like when they do have half off… just not to myself…

money issue local… be having an issue where.. “I want you to feel like every combination of money in the bank with the letter C on the bill.. “

My algorithm for face”book” is stuck on selling birthdays… and musing Bornday’s everyday..

spend all the quarters… with other locations on them.. Jus pick them up and spend them all…

you aint never nothing but a quarter away..


// You inspired me…Not to be a highered me, about negatives

// You inspired me, to be a higher me about progression

//Vocals’ in me like a soundtrack, daily, in my life… Like a mindhack

//real life montage and music is the theme…

//While buying things that I need, all in time ,not in a dream

//Deleting the word IT from my vocabulary… We always gotta be specific.

//Never vague when I know what I want.. Making the progress intended spectacular and terrific

feel like I’m in love with look alikes everywhere I go..

feels like my real feelings… of my physical body and emotions. when c’$ say they the cities … they try to say I got ho3 feelings and try to say its everybody else … stay feeling like ecstasy.


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