everytime I try to return positivity, happiness… they always wanna tell me about obsessive hard to survive laws that dont let person get they money without going through hardship….. and always wanna talk about jail nigga when.. they don’t fuckin deliver the mail til a week later in the city…

they wouldnt deliver the mail til someone put a red dot on it with the letter Q.

niggas aint opening no brief case full of money to me … when the bank full of NBA money… feeling like internal argument foreal.. and wondering why everyone feeling upset.

lack of resources… devicse systems…

niggas bring up AL everytime blind muthafuckas with glasses.

niggas be hype when we angry. ain’t no cloud local right now

some other nicca wish he was vagina everyday.

fuck that Godzilla movie slogan …

you would think we could chill on presidents day when everything government closed

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